Quality Quilts by Lana

"A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars"


Edge to Edge: An all over pattern that travels from one edge of your quilt to the other.

Simple E2E $0.016 per square inch

Moderate E2E $0.019 per square inch

Complex E2E $0.022 per square inch  

Extra Dense E2E $0.25 per square inch

Borders: Separate designs within the border/s of your quilt.

E2E with border $0.026 per square inch

E2E with multiple borders $0.030 per square inch  

Custom quilting: Can include separate designs within the blocks, borders and sashing, stitch in the ditch and background fill around appliqué.

$25.00-$35.00 per hour  

Basting for hand quilting: $0.015

 per square inch


Batting: Many types available, prices vary.

Pressing: $20.00 per hour

Backing: (per seam) $10.00 and up

Turning the quilt: (for borders) $5.00

Trimming to 1/2 inch: $5.00

Rush orders: $50.00

Minimum charge: $50.00

Pick-up/Delivery $10.00